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Cameron; He does exactly what it says on the tin.

I loathe David Cameron and Nick Clegg.

If I had to give an order to that hatred then I must say that Clegg would win, but please don’t get me wrong, just because I prefer Cameron to Clegg that doesn’t mean that I like Cameron, just that my dislike for Clegg is greater.

I also find Mussolini preferable to Hitler, having one leg broken preferable to having both legs broken and Bolton preferable to Stoke but this does not for one second mean that I in any way like Mussolini, having a leg broken or Bolton; Just imagine Mussolini breaking your leg in Bolton, that would be horrible, but it wouldn’t be as bad as Hitler breaking both of your legs in Stoke.

I don’t want to speak on your behalf but I think we can all agree on that.

I have a very strong disliking for Tories and their elitist, ultra capitalist ideology… so why if I had a couple of freebies would I punch Clegg first? (Actually maybe I’d use Cameron as a sort of warm up punch and then unleash my warmed fist of justice on Clegg’s pudgy little face of lies…hmmm, not sure, leave it with me).

Allow me to explain.

Tories, as we all know, are vile, twisted, destroyers of society and seeing as Cameron is a Tory I would expect Cameron to be a vile, twisted destroyer of Society, obviously. So no surprise there.

Cameron is and always has been exactly as advertised, he is Ronseal made flesh.

Complaining about David Cameron being abhorrent is like going out, buying a can of dog shit, getting it home, opening it and complaining that it’s a can of fucking dog shit!!

But you bought it, you bought that can of shit.

Clegg however is like a packet of Kettle chips (and we all know Kettle chips are delicious) that you’ve brought home and opened only to find that inside is actually a can of dog shit.

And no one bought that shit.

Open them up and you’ll find that Clegg and Cameron are both exactly the same, they are both just cans of rancid shit.

But one of them is masquerading as a crisp.

NB: A very good friend thinks that Cameron is just as two faced as Clegg and highlight’s several of his actions as proof but that is missing my point.

He’s supposed to be a duplicitous lying twat, he’s a Tory.